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Urinals, Public Space & Murals

Trains, Travels & Murals

This month marks a hundred years since the artist Marcel Duchamp submitted his now famous artwork, Fountain, to an international exhibition in New York. Influenced by Dadaism his submission was simply a urinal he’d bought in a local shop. Duchamp’s surrealist questioning of institutional definitions of art has had a defining impact on modern art. Continue reading

A Subcultural Travel Guide

Strfzg zineThis is something I’m quite excited to see – a magazine that combines graff and footy! There are occasional bits of football graffiti to be found in various magazines and I’ve seen a couple of special street-art editions of ultras magazines too. However, while I was hoping for an in-depth look at football graffiti, Strfzg doesn’t quite do this. Rather than documenting football related graff, the zine is more like the personal travelogue of an FC Augsburg supporter. Continue reading

Introducing the Iconosphere

This article is a bit off topic as it’s not really about graffiti and it’s not a review of a graffiti publication either. It’s actually a football fanzine called Stand. The publication is usually an Stand magazine 15interesting read, which isn’t dominated by all things premier league, and is about as close to an ‘ultras’ stance as you can find in the UK. Continue reading

Old news from the North

Front cover of Thrappage magazine showing the Liverpool Overhead Railway alongside a copy of Cutting Mustard zine.

Thrappage was a zine that originally ran from 1999-2001. I’d never actually heard of it before so I was intrigued to see a new anthology has been released. Thrappage: Greatest Hits is a collection of some of the best content from the original publication. There is an intro and an outro that explain what the magazine was, how it was received, and what it lead onto. Continue reading