Welcome to graffitireview.com. I started the site as, other than short promotional descriptions in online shops, I haven’t come across anywhere that gives the more in-depth and critical reviews of graffiti publications I’d like to read. The Graffiti Review provides regular and independent commentary on the kind of stuff I find interesting from magazines, to academic works, and anything in-between. I’ll review whatever publications are sent my way. The main focus will be on proper graff but I’d like to make links to different forms of vandalism past and present. The use of the word ‘vandalism’ is not pejorative, street art is gentrification, and tags are lit.

Please get in touch: info@graffitireview.com

Also I have a theory that every graffiti mag has an Ⓐ symbol tucked away in it somewhere so at the end of every magazine review I’ll try to point out where I found it.