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Signs of change


Although Issue 1 of Signal! (not to be confused with Signall magazine) came out last year I only cottoned onto it recently. The aim of its editor is to create something that lies somewhere between a conventional graff magazine and an intellectual journal. The publication starts off with an editorial that sets out the focus of the publication, the practicalities of its production and an explanation of why the editor has decided to take on the term ‘Urban Art’ in the subtitle. From the introduction I get the impression that the journal is going to be a serious graffiti focused project that has come about from a lot of work and thought on the subject.

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The graffiti intellectual

Wir stehen bereit presents the actions of Zelle Asphaltkultur an unconventional ‘cell’ of graffiti writers. The work of the group is somewhere between graffiti and hardcore street art that obviously aims to provoke the viewer. This publication is as highbrow as graffiti gets. Inside there are six intellectual articles written by graffiti artists through to a cultural critic which are then followed by an interview with ZA.

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