Stick ’em up!

This is DAFT which is a small A5 size magazine that advertises itself as the UK’s first sticker mag!

In fact the content is London focused and includes all sorts of stickers, tags, the odd sketch and a few flicks of writers swigging Special Brew and Perła. SMC and HBA crews from South-East are featured a lot but pretty much anyone whose got stickers up is included. The production is good with the pictures laid out in a scrapbook style that suits the subject. Tagging is often seen by Joe Public as the ugly face of graffiti so it’s nice to have a whole publication that’s dedicated solely to the subject. I love seeing all the tags up round London and this magazine is a great snapshot of that part of the scene. Considering its size London graffiti magazines are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. So, although DAFT is a bit niche, it’s good to know that the city has a new publication out. Especially one with such a striking cover referencing the Edelweiss Pirates alongside tributes to Tony Benn and Bob Crow!  

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