Graffiti in the snow

Kuilu 4 is the latest edition of the magazine from Finland. The country is known as a bit of an odd place so I was half expecting Kuilu to be a bit strange too. While there are certainly some more unorthodox styles represented it’s actually an orthodox example of a proper decent graffiti magazine.

Spread over fifty pages the content is a mixture of trains and walls without text. The photos are all good quality and decently sized. There’s some really cool bright and hectic styles pictured. Most of the walls seem to be legal spots with a few trackside and street pieces. Meanwhile the illegal stuff covers different freights, a load of commuters and a couple of trucks. This being Finland there’s also quite a bit of snow in the pictures and even a burning church too!

Overall Kuilu 4 is a solid magazine that’s well produced and doesn’t offer any gimmicks. I particularly liked the Yoman and Pluto production under the bridge, Proge, and the chrome on the side of a stadium.

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