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Treats from Canada

On their recent return from a tour of Canada a friend came back bearing a slightly dog-eared copy of a publication titled Bucket-List and another, named after its protagonist, DRIFO: BTH CMP’S. The former publication opens with the description of a planned mission that was disrupted by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown in Canada. Having already stocked up on supplies, the duo behind the zine began to form new, ever more ambitious, plans. With the result that “what was originally a one spot mission, turned into a bucket list.” The resultant zine documents some of the pair’s activities. There’s lots of action shots and a brilliant series of kinda delayed shots of some excellent freights being painted.

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Understanding Vans


Following a recent trip to Canada a friend kindly came back with the third issue of a tidy little magazine called Names and Places. Surprisingly this was actually the only domestic publication to be found among a wide selection of European train mags over there. Anyway as it happens Names and Places turns out to be a real gem!

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