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The Philosophy of Muralism


Time for MuralsI recently got sent a copy of a book called Time for Murals. The book was published after a conference, organised by the artist Jens Besser, that took place a couple of years ago on the subject of the “contemporary phenomenon” that are urban murals. Now murals aren’t my usual area of interest but in my home town of London there are a few cool murals dating from the late seventies and eighties that I really like. The sort of murals that I see going up nowadays all seem to be large scale pieces of street-art rather than the community focused and often politicised murals that came before. Continue Reading

From wall to paper


What Do One Million Ja Tags Signify?I got What Do One Million Ja Tags Signify? on a recommendation and from the title expected it to be some kind of very serious academic work. In fact it is more like graffiti meets Flann O’Brien and it’s fucking hilarious. The book, by Dumar Novy, is a monograph on the tag ‘Ja’ and the academic discipline of ‘Jaism’ that it has now spawned. I read it as a sort of parody of intellectualism that delves into race, religion, gentrification, the police, Darwinism, genocide, philosophy, capitalism and bum sex. Continue Reading